Individualized Education for a Lifetime of Ministry

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We do learning differently. What if college was less about taking a slate of prescribed classes and more about personalization, networking, mentorship, discipleship, and hands-on learning? Today’s student prepares best for life and leadership in a community environment, where classes and real life go hand in hand, and that’s what you'll experience at Seapointe College.

Seapointe College equips you to make a difference in your community.

From start to finish, our students receive hand-in-hand mentorship relationships to ensure they have all the tools they need to be successful in their calling. Seapointe provides a solid education combined with:
  • Discipleship: embedding faith for a lifetime
  • Networking skills: staying approachable and relevant
  • Community relationships: because it takes a village
  • Real world experience: building soft and hard skills
  • Job placement with ongoing mentorship support

"They helped me work towards my calling."

Hear from Gigi how hands-on learning at Seapointe prepared her for a life of ministry.

Seapointe College is a nonprofit organization that is supported by the generosity of our partners and donors.