Student Centered Learning

At the heart of all we do, we prioritize the student experience.
BY: Sarah Hummel

At Seapointe College, we strive to always invite students to see themselves in the work and to also see how they could coach someone else. The goal with the coursework is to build critical thinking skills and competencies as they learn the material. Throughout our unique curriculum series, we use the “flip the classroom” method designed by Honeycutt, published in 2016, a proven method for college classrooms where students learn the material and then teach it to the class or in other ways manipulate the material, while the instructor guides the in class activities and conversation as needed. This is shown to provide stronger retention of material, greater accountability for homework completion, and is also very enjoyable for the students participating. Students will often see this classroom flip especially being used in the weekly student presentations, student created quizzes, and student roundtables. Another value to this style of classroom is the engagement with diversity that the students receive. They aren’t simply hearing from one professor, but from a diverse group of classmates who each bring their unique points of view and experiences.