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Dr. Sarah Hummel


“Leading your organization to the next level is not instinctive. Partnering with an experienced professional helps ensure you achieve your desired outcomes. Seapointe Consulting Network is consulting experts reducing their rates for a limited number of hours, sowing into specific projects, designating the funds directly to Seapointe College student scholarships. Our vision is biblical leadership for community care. Let us partner with you on a task and let’s raise money for students!”

Seapointe Consulting Packages

$3,000 per 5 hour package (it is possible for this price to scale lower depending on organization size)
  1. “The Basics” – mission, vision, values, SWOT, etc.
  2. Employee Management/Structure – reviews, on-boarding, conflict management, diversity training, professional development, succession planning, etc.
  3. Team Building/Culture Assessments and Review
  4. Strategic Leadership Development + Board Training
  5. Fundraising/Marketing
  6. Church Worship/Tech – enhancing the Sunday morning experience/rehearsals
  7. Healthy Leadership Training (100X)
  8. Transforming Team Communication Training
  9. Strategic Planning
  10. 5 hours of Leadership Coaching
Each package is specifically tailored to the organization and individuals it serves. Organizations are limited to 2 packages per year at this pricing. Increased time and scope can be negotiated with individual consultants at the conclusion of the initial engagement. A detailed intake questionnaire will ensure the consultant has a good understanding of your specifics before your package hours begin.

Meet the Seapointe Network Founding Consultants.

Dr. Sarah Hummel

Sarah, a visionary and administratively minded pioneer, is the founder and president of Seapointe College, a local Hampton Roads based ministry college with a vision of biblical leadership for community care. She takes a professional mentorship approach to every consulting project in which she engages, specializing in start-ups and scaling organizations from small to larger by focusing on the simple things that keep everyone circling the mission. She holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership with emphasis in Strategic Foresight and a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership with emphasis in Ecclesial Leadership, culminating her 15 years of nonprofit leadership experience and education as the perfect mix of skills and knowledge to serve Hampton Roads organizations to their next level.

Dave Hummel

Dave loves to utilize his 30+ years of professional music industry experience to help creative teams look and sound better and thrive in relational harmony. As a creative director, composer, and producer, Dave has helped countless teams build better engines for small events/services all the way up to large scale productions, while keeping the team focused on building healthy balance and unity as they strive for the most important mission, bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. Dave inspires creative teams as he coaches how to communicate better, how to bring structure to the planning process, how to coordinate songwriting and recording, and advises in gear purchase and placement, and provides basic training to increase Audio/Visual skills. Let his heart and expertise elevate your creative team.

Corrie Napier, M.D.R.

Corrie is a conflict consultant, trainer, mediator, and international education professional. Driven by a desire to unite people, especially across cultural differences, she specializes in helping individuals and organizations navigate conflict and enhance effective communication. She holds a Master of Dispute Resolution degree from Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute and a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Communication and Spanish, also from Pepperdine University. Corrie is trilingual (Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English) and draws daily upon over a decade of experience living and working internationally, predominantly in China, Argentina and Israel.

John Napier, Esq.

John is an experienced Attorney and Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the law, entrepreneurship, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) industry. He is skilled in International Mediation and Arbitration, Negotiation, Business and NGO Development, International Law, as well as Governmental Entitlements and Appeals. With strong development experience in land and business matters, John employs a creative and solutions-oriented focus for each client. He holds a Juris Doctor in Law and Master of Dispute Resolution degree from Pepperdine University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Religion from the College of William and Mary.

Edy Herrera

Edy partners with leaders to get their team leadership healthy so they can be invincible! Edy Herrera is the lead at Surrender Network. His role is to connect with community leaders who desire to bring health to their organization. Serving as a coach at the C-Suite level and leading the team that does the training with managers and emerging leaders. Edy specializes in helping transform cultures by modeling and championing what calibrating support and challenge looks like for leaders. When Edy is not deep in the work, he is hanging out with his wife Nikki and kids either at the beach or in the mountains. Fatherhood, brotherhood, and friendship is his center of gravity.

Emily Brown

Owner and founder of RIZU Marketing, Emily helps businesses deepen their brand value in order to reach and exceed business goals.

Being deeply familiar with some of the challenges small business owner-operators face, and knowing many times the budget is not available to hire a full-time marketer or full-service marketing agency, Emily put her experience and passion “to work” – leveraging her skills building brands of all sizes, reaches, and industry verticals to help small businesses.

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