Called to Deeper Water

The time to cast your nets for a great catch is when you’re in over your head.
BY: Robert Slowik

When He started his active earthly ministry, Jesus first called men to follow Him and learn by watching and doing what He, Himself, was doing. Two thousand years later, the Holy Spirit has been given to us as a gift from Jesus, and He conveys that same call to men and women whom He has chosen to serve His kingdom. Though Jesus’ disciples’ initial training was personal and hands on, it wasn’t long before His students found themselves in a classroom, or perhaps by the seashore, on a mountainside, or in a synagogue, for some detailed academic explanations of Old Testament scripture as intended by the actual author of the books. (Matt 5, 6, 7) And after further application of academics and hands-on application, Jesus sends his followers out into the villages of Israel for their mid-term exam. (Matt 10:5, Luke 10: 2) When the students return for more instruction, they are able to ask questions and understand answers that they would not have grasped had they not already gained experiential depth bonded with academic instruction.

There are educators today who still value the model that Jesus used during His earthly ministry. These leaders, administrators, faculty, students, and ministry supporters hear the call of Holy Spirit to offer Jesus’ higher education model to equip those whom has called to engage with the Lord of Heaven’s armies in serving and leading in their community. But when would be the best time to launch such an advanced academic and practical institution of higher learning?

Luke (5:1-5) records the story of Jesus’ teaching model from His early ministry. After an open academic session on the seashore, Jesus suggests to Simon that he take his boat out into deeper water to catch some fish. Peter, James, and John were tired from fishing all night, but at Jesus’ word, they let down their nets. They didn’t take time to rest, sleep, reset their nautical equipment, or read a book on more productive fishing. They simply followed Jesus words.

And so, it seems that with Seapointe College, there has been a call to deeper water. It is not a call to wait for the optimum time to begin a new venture, for God’s timing is revealed through trust and faith in Him, but it is a call that is heard by pastors and like-minded churches throughout Tidewater. We may be experienced and comfortable in staying with the tried-and-true methods of academic ministry, but Jesus shared a different vision for catching more fish. (John 21) It includes an ecclesiastic bonded learning experience of academic excellence with meaningful evangelistic muscle memory. The commitment then for the leaders and supporters of Seapointe College is that the time to cast your nets for a great catch is when you’re in over your head. And so we will.